Hello Blog World…

So who really is Annie Greenwood? Well, I am a young England girl who has been desperate for a while now to start a blog based all around my ultimate passion, absolutely everything fashion!! Therefore, as the autumn months roll in and it gets so cold to even look outside I though why not give it a go and so I started angreenwood. However, it wasn’t as simple as that, I did want to initially be called AnnieGreenwood but of course someone else had the same idea so yes my name does say An but I can guarantee you my name is not An or Ann, just Annie nice and simple. I will admit, i am not at all experienced to the blog world and only started reading them a couple of months ago. But, in 2016 they are anywhere and everywhere, front row of fashion shows, on top of the very aesthetically pleasing Greek mountains and all over my Instagram feed. So, I had to give it a shot and try it for myself. I do hope you will learn to love fashion as much as I do and not get tired of my excitement over it like my poor friends have, and we can get to know the world of blogging together.