Why I am more than pleased that leather is back.

So, as we creep into the new year it’s time to reflect on the year’s fashion statements and 2016 has definitely been all about bringing back classic 80s styles and it looks like leather is one of those and I have absolutely no complaints! I always remember, as my twelve-year-old self, being obsessed with my black biker jacket, and I wore it to death, literally. So, as leather jackets started slowly creeping back into street style I just had to invest in one again. So, endless shopping trips later, in order to truly find the perfect fit as I found many would look sluggish due to their wide and long fit, I eventually managed to discover this pink faux leather jacket from Zara. I have to admit I have definitely fallen back in love with the leather jacket. The garment has the power to instantly make a simple outfit look classy and I have to say a little bit rock and roll even with some tiring Converse or Nikes. Fortunately, the leather jackets are not at all boring, the bold colours, patterns and even embroidery has made the jackets more extravagant than ever. And as someone who adores bright and bold fashion which really makes a statement, the pastel pink colour of my jacket makes me drool like a school girl whenever it catches my eye.

As I get more and more obsessed with the leather trend I am searching for other leather options. I am currently on the hunt for a leather skirt as I believe it would be a perfect transitional wardrobe piece for the new year; Which there may be a future blog post on, if I manage to successfully find one. I’m expecting my love affair with leather will continue until everyone else’s has already demolished but don’t worry I doubt I will be dishing out the 80s leather pants any time soon…

IMG_0350 (4).JPG

leather jacket (2).jpg

leather jacket 2 (2).jpg

Before finishing this post I’d like to thank my amazing friend, Amy, for helping me take endless amounts of photos so I could use them on this post.

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