My Sunshine Jacket

yellow mac 3.jpg

Have you ever felt an instant boost in your mood when you put on a garment? Well this is exactly how I feel every time I put on my adorable yellow mac. I suppose I never really have been into macs, I always assumed they were just what Granny’s wore with their very cute plastic rain hoods. However, when I saw this mac in Topshop recently I became utterly engrossed in the eye-catching colour and was determined to invest in it. The mac has been completely modernized to create the perfect minimalistic fit and style. Personally, I think it’s the small touches to the garment which really make it so irresistible. The large statement pockets and the striped inside lining both contribute to an overall stunning jacket. Despite the exceedingly bright colour, surprisingly I find the jacket very easy to style. Just add a pair of jeans and a colour coordinating top and you’re pretty much good to go, however I would probably avoid the brighter coloured tops as you don’t people thinking you’ve just stepped out of an 80s fitness DVD. Fortunately, living in rainy England there are endless opportunities to where this jacket and after trying and testing it many times, I can tell you it is very efficient in keeping you bone dry. The only negative to my obsession with my yellow mac is Topshop continually keep releasing new gorgeous colours, such as white or bright red, and I’ll admit I have to avoid even looking in their direction in order to prevent me purchasing a second mac. So, I understand that the distinctive jacket might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however I absolutely adore it and who cares if when wearing it I resemble Paddington bear in his trademark yellow jacket?

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