The Perfect Winter Coat

Living in England it is necessary to have a coat which you can just chuck on in the winter when it feels too cold to even step outside. However, finding one which is warm but also stylish and easily fits with any outfit, seems to be a rather difficult task. Every year I have hunted through what seemed like every high street store to try to find the perfect winter warmer, but every year I have had little luck and had to stick to the same old coat, which doesn’t keep me warm and that I don’t even like. Although, this year it was a slightly different story, whilst browsing in Topshop a couple of weeks ago, I discovered this brown boyfriend coat. Usually, I will stay well clear of any long fitting coats as they don’t normally suit my 5ft figure and seems to, as my mum would say, drown me! However, Topshop seem to have somehow captured a well-fitted coat with the perfect length for petite women, which I could never find for so many years. It was almost like a miracle!! After giving up looking for a coat, which actually acted as a winter coat, I managed to discover one which is absolutely lush and one I can’t ever seem to take off. I’ve always thought a coat can easily make or break an outfit and this garment definitely makes every single flipping outfit. This coat could even make pyjamas look classy and put together so it isn’t hard for me to find other garments to wear with it. Personally, my ultimate go to outfit is to pair it with my favorite striped turtle neck and my gorgeous super cozy scarf to keep me extra snug! I feel the colours fit together perfectly and creates a fab combination. No matter where you are going I have no doubt that this coat will be wearable for the occasion, which is why those who know me may be seeing this jacket appear way too many times on the weekends. After finding this piece, I have begun to fall in love with long fitted coats and can’t wait to purchase more, it looks like I may have found a new obsession!

winter coat  (2).jpgwinter coat 3 (2).jpgwinter coat 4 (2).jpgwinter coat 2 (2).jpgwinter coat 5 (2).jpgSHOP THE LOOK




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