Dungaree Love…


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Are dungarees just for kids? How do you style dungarees? And who even sells dungarees? These are only selections of the abundance of questions which used to fill my mind when I thought about purchasing some classic denim dungarees after seeing them flood the streets and my Instagram feed. However, as someone who massively overthinks how I spend my money and will do anything to avoid a bad, regretful purchase I found I was just avoiding the option. However, after trying on a pair in H&M (which I would highly recommend having a browse around FYI) I took the risk (YOLO!!) and I have to admit I have no regrets. They were simultaneously perfect. They manage to achieve a casual, laid-back look whilst still looking cute and a little bit edgy.

These dungarees are perfect to pair over a simple white top or my fav combination is to wear them over my fab stripy jumper, which may start appearing way too many times on here (you’ve been warned) but i just love it!!! Obviously, I am going to have to have a cheeky, unnecessary purchase of some black dungarees which I potentially will wear almost every day just like I have these…oops.

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Finally lets talk about the shoes. I have always been a converse and vans lover but I usually just go for the simple black or white colour but after seeing many sporting a pop of colour with their trainers I thought I’d try out a pair of striking red converse and I may (definitely) have started an obsession for bright shoes. I find they’re perfect for adding interest to even the simplest of outfits and they’re SO easy to wear…(!!) So please forgive me if you see many more posts of bright shoes in the future.

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Denim dungarees - Light denim blue - Ladies | H&M GB

The top…

Sadly I couldn’t find my exact top as I think it has sold out but I did buy it from ASOS. Here’s similar:

Image Striped Long-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt R essentiel

The shoes…

I actually bought these on Ebay second hand which you should definitely check out but I found the original pair for you:

All Star Low

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