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Are dungarees just for kids? How do you style dungarees? And who even sells dungarees? These are only selections of the abundance of questions which used to fill my mind when I thought about purchasing some classic denim dungarees after seeing them flood the streets and my Instagram feed. However, as someone who massively overthinks how I spend my money and will do anything to avoid a bad, regretful purchase I found I was just avoiding the option. However, after trying on a pair in H&M (which I would highly recommend having a browse around FYI) I took the risk (YOLO!!) and I have to admit I have no regrets. They were simultaneously perfect. They manage to achieve a casual, laid-back look whilst still looking cute and a little bit edgy.

These dungarees are perfect to pair over a simple white top or my fav combination is to wear them over my fab stripy jumper, which may start appearing way too many times on here (you’ve been warned) but i just love it!!! Obviously, I am going to have to have a cheeky, unnecessary purchase of some black dungarees which I potentially will wear almost every day just like I have these…oops.

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Finally lets talk about the shoes. I have always been a converse and vans lover but I usually just go for the simple black or white colour but after seeing many sporting a pop of colour with their trainers I thought I’d try out a pair of striking red converse and I may (definitely) have started an obsession for bright shoes. I find they’re perfect for adding interest to even the simplest of outfits and they’re SO easy to wear…(!!) So please forgive me if you see many more posts of bright shoes in the future.

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Denim dungarees - Light denim blue - Ladies | H&M GB

The top…

Sadly I couldn’t find my exact top as I think it has sold out but I did buy it from ASOS. Here’s similar:

Image Striped Long-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt R essentiel

The shoes…

I actually bought these on Ebay second hand which you should definitely check out but I found the original pair for you:

All Star Low

Still on the hunt for a coat to keep you warm in the winter months? Then have a read –>The Perfect Winter Coat


The Perfect Winter Coat

Living in England it is necessary to have a coat which you can just chuck on in the winter when it feels too cold to even step outside. However, finding one which is warm but also stylish and easily fits with any outfit, seems to be a rather difficult task. Every year I have hunted through what seemed like every high street store to try to find the perfect winter warmer, but every year I have had little luck and had to stick to the same old coat, which doesn’t keep me warm and that I don’t even like. Although, this year it was a slightly different story, whilst browsing in Topshop a couple of weeks ago, I discovered this brown boyfriend coat. Usually, I will stay well clear of any long fitting coats as they don’t normally suit my 5ft figure and seems to, as my mum would say, drown me! However, Topshop seem to have somehow captured a well-fitted coat with the perfect length for petite women, which I could never find for so many years. It was almost like a miracle!! After giving up looking for a coat, which actually acted as a winter coat, I managed to discover one which is absolutely lush and one I can’t ever seem to take off. I’ve always thought a coat can easily make or break an outfit and this garment definitely makes every single flipping outfit. This coat could even make pyjamas look classy and put together so it isn’t hard for me to find other garments to wear with it. Personally, my ultimate go to outfit is to pair it with my favorite striped turtle neck and my gorgeous super cozy scarf to keep me extra snug! I feel the colours fit together perfectly and creates a fab combination. No matter where you are going I have no doubt that this coat will be wearable for the occasion, which is why those who know me may be seeing this jacket appear way too many times on the weekends. After finding this piece, I have begun to fall in love with long fitted coats and can’t wait to purchase more, it looks like I may have found a new obsession!

winter coat  (2).jpgwinter coat 3 (2).jpgwinter coat 4 (2).jpgwinter coat 2 (2).jpgwinter coat 5 (2).jpgSHOP THE LOOK




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My Sunshine Jacket

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Have you ever felt an instant boost in your mood when you put on a garment? Well this is exactly how I feel every time I put on my adorable yellow mac. I suppose I never really have been into macs, I always assumed they were just what Granny’s wore with their very cute plastic rain hoods. However, when I saw this mac in Topshop recently I became utterly engrossed in the eye-catching colour and was determined to invest in it. The mac has been completely modernized to create the perfect minimalistic fit and style. Personally, I think it’s the small touches to the garment which really make it so irresistible. The large statement pockets and the striped inside lining both contribute to an overall stunning jacket. Despite the exceedingly bright colour, surprisingly I find the jacket very easy to style. Just add a pair of jeans and a colour coordinating top and you’re pretty much good to go, however I would probably avoid the brighter coloured tops as you don’t people thinking you’ve just stepped out of an 80s fitness DVD. Fortunately, living in rainy England there are endless opportunities to where this jacket and after trying and testing it many times, I can tell you it is very efficient in keeping you bone dry. The only negative to my obsession with my yellow mac is Topshop continually keep releasing new gorgeous colours, such as white or bright red, and I’ll admit I have to avoid even looking in their direction in order to prevent me purchasing a second mac. So, I understand that the distinctive jacket might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however I absolutely adore it and who cares if when wearing it I resemble Paddington bear in his trademark yellow jacket?

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Why I am more than pleased that leather is back.

So, as we creep into the new year it’s time to reflect on the year’s fashion statements and 2016 has definitely been all about bringing back classic 80s styles and it looks like leather is one of those and I have absolutely no complaints! I always remember, as my twelve-year-old self, being obsessed with my black biker jacket, and I wore it to death, literally. So, as leather jackets started slowly creeping back into street style I just had to invest in one again. So, endless shopping trips later, in order to truly find the perfect fit as I found many would look sluggish due to their wide and long fit, I eventually managed to discover this pink faux leather jacket from Zara. I have to admit I have definitely fallen back in love with the leather jacket. The garment has the power to instantly make a simple outfit look classy and I have to say a little bit rock and roll even with some tiring Converse or Nikes. Fortunately, the leather jackets are not at all boring, the bold colours, patterns and even embroidery has made the jackets more extravagant than ever. And as someone who adores bright and bold fashion which really makes a statement, the pastel pink colour of my jacket makes me drool like a school girl whenever it catches my eye.

As I get more and more obsessed with the leather trend I am searching for other leather options. I am currently on the hunt for a leather skirt as I believe it would be a perfect transitional wardrobe piece for the new year; Which there may be a future blog post on, if I manage to successfully find one. I’m expecting my love affair with leather will continue until everyone else’s has already demolished but don’t worry I doubt I will be dishing out the 80s leather pants any time soon…

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Before finishing this post I’d like to thank my amazing friend, Amy, for helping me take endless amounts of photos so I could use them on this post.

Get to know me in my previous post–> Hello Blog World…

Hello Blog World…

So who really is Annie Greenwood? Well, I am a young England girl who has been desperate for a while now to start a blog based all around my ultimate passion, absolutely everything fashion!! Therefore, as the autumn months roll in and it gets so cold to even look outside I though why not give it a go and so I started angreenwood. However, it wasn’t as simple as that, I did want to initially be called AnnieGreenwood but of course someone else had the same idea so yes my name does say An but I can guarantee you my name is not An or Ann, just Annie nice and simple. I will admit, i am not at all experienced to the blog world and only started reading them a couple of months ago. But, in 2016 they are anywhere and everywhere, front row of fashion shows, on top of the very aesthetically pleasing Greek mountains and all over my Instagram feed. So, I had to give it a shot and try it for myself. I do hope you will learn to love fashion as much as I do and not get tired of my excitement over it like my poor friends have, and we can get to know the world of blogging together.